Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Am I doing with my Life

I will take a moment out of our normal short story schedule to just do a quick post of what it is that I have going on this semester.

1. I am Asst. Coaching the new UIC pHarm Team with Sally Anderson
2. I am Directing the new pH skech show
3. I am Asst. Producing the College Improv Tournament this week (today actually) I have to contact 30 different college improv teams.
4. Re-cast and remember The Guy Show which will be going up at sketchfest.
5. Film the Sketchfest Documentary.
6. Go to School, I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday tho.
7. Get a job so that I can pay off my debts and raise some serious cash.
8. Do pH shows every friday and Saturday.
9. Go to LA by March.
10. Get my shit together.

This is my life right now. It's hectic but it's busy. I guess it means that people out there like what I do. Which is awesome.

Here is a quote I heard today...
You know what, we are all beautiful and unique snowflakes. But in a blizzard who gives a fuck.

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Unknown said...

Chris, you are unique... Just like everyone else.