Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grasping at Straws

Hello blog readers,

It's been about two full days since I have gotten any sleep and about ten hours since I have eaten anything. Too busy to sleep, too broke to eat. I think its funny that this semester was supposed to be when I beefed up and now its looking like this may be the skinniest I'll ever be. I've already lost 10 pounds.

I can feel myself dragging and that is bad. Good news is I haven't worked this creatively in my life. Everything I do is based in either scripts or Improv. It's my first full immersion year with nothing else to occupy my time. The bad part of that is that I am beginning to doubt my ablities as a writer/director/comedian. Its not that I feel as if my work is poor. But I do feel that it isn't great, that the work is average. To be honest, I don't do well with average. I want everything to be the best it can be so that would deep down murder me inside.

Working on this play for pH is exciting as hell. Its so big and so vast and so epic and out there that I don't think anyone is going to be ready for it.....I just fell asleep while writing this...that's embarressing.



Andy said...

So it goes: everytime people get a big break, the world still manages to make them insecure. No worries: as we get better at what we do, we start to see the flaws in our own work more readily and just find the driving urge to fix it all. It's not like perfectionism will ever go away.

H is for hOWIE said...

haha. you make me laugh.

"...I just fell asleep while writing this..."

YES! haha. keep working...