Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Craigslist Ads You'll Never Read #4

Looking to Bust You - M4F- (Beverly Hills)

I'm a cop.

Birthday Blog Post

So as of the 19th of August I became 23 years old. As per my calculations that means I have about 10 years left. But while I'm here and since I've been alive for more than two decades now (which is horrifying) I feel like I should reflect back on some things I'm proud of and things I'm not to proud of.

Things I'm Proud of
1. Traveling across the pond before the age of 15.
2. Writing/Directing/Producing 2 shows for pH.
3. Being cast in 3 different pH shows.
4. Being cast and making company in pH
5. Winning employee of the year at Seadog
6. Starting droppin' $cience
7. Coaching college and High school kids.
8. Written 6 Feature Scripts and 2 books by the age of 20.
9. Coming in second to Micah at the birthday bash
10. My Script getting picked for the practicum
11. Making my teacher cry with my movie pitch.
12. Being a snowball leader.
13. Taking boxing lessons.
14. Playing the Sax.
15. Actually having the balls to leave all of that and drive to LA

Things I'm Not So Proud Of
1. Ally Reinke
2. That it took me till I was 22 to hear Animals or Sgt. Pepper.
3. The fact that I don't have a favorite band by this age.
4. First time doing Improv ever. In cafeteria of my middle school, got spooked by my stage partners initiation and spilled meatsauce all over myself. Was told to sit down by teacher.
5. Throwing up in public five separate times.
6. Michael Kerns
7. Making out with Leslie an hour after Tobers broke up with me.
8. The Birdman Situation.
9. The Sally Situation.
10. The Noah Situation.
11. The Ann Situation.
12. The Spike Situation.
13. Not having the balls to take up Piano as a kid.
14. That despite the kind words from my friends, the love of my girlfriend, and the credentials of my past....I still don't feel like I've done anything worth while and I still couldn't answer the question: Who is Chris Edwards? Without stumbling for words.
15. That I've never known the pleasure of a sudden kiss and that I prolly never will.

Happy Birthday!!!!